Microsoft Contractors Reportedly Listened to Xbox Customers Too

Microsoft contractors reportedly listened to Xbox customers too. Earlier this month, it is learned that contractors heard audio pieces from Skype calls and Cortana interactions. Vice reports that Microsoft contractors also monitored to audio picked up by Xbox consoles. The device was only assumed to capture audio after voice instructions, like “Xbox” or “Hey Cortana,” however contractors claim recordings had been sometimes triggered accidentally.

Based on the contractors’ Motherboard spoke to, this has been going on since before Cortana arrived on the scene. Motherboard’s sources stated they listened to audio when Xbox might be controlled by way of voice instructions with the Kinect system. Microsoft removed Cortana from the Xbox, but the voice assistant can control the console through the Cortana Android and iOS apps.

Like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which have all been filled with monitoring to voice assistant queries. Microsoft listened in audio in an attempt to improve services and products.

In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson mentioned, “We’ve long been clear that we acquire voice knowledge to enhance voice-enabled services and that vendors sometimes review this information.”

After recent news coverage and public clamor, Apple, Facebook, and Google temporarily suspended these practices. Amazon will let users opt-out of getting Alexa conversations reviewed by people. Microsoft previously said it would continue listening to users; however, revised its privacy policies. It is not clear if that will change now that we know contractors have listened to Xbox audio too.