Wow Classic Is Finally Live On Twitch and Millions Are Watching Top Streams

WoW Classic is finally live – after two years of anticipation. Top streamers from each corner of Twitch are streaming it right now, leading to an audience of over one million simultaneous viewers—and some severely jammed starter areas.

As for now, the slavering horde of Horde (and Alliance) fans topped out at 1.1 million people. That’s a colossal quantity for a single sport on Twitch. For reference, Fortnite has been recently pulling between 100,000 and 200,000 simultaneous viewers at any given moment. It’s uncommon that even significant esports events bring this type of attention to a single game.

Even more impressively, WoW Classic pulled within the majority of those viewers whereas streamers had been ready to be able to log in. For example, by the time he was able to be part of a server, popular WoW streamer Asmongold was already at greater than 200,000 viewers. Other famous streamers like Sodapoppin and Shroud, the latter of whom hasn’t historically been a lot of a WoW streamer, have attracted equally huge gaggles of ogling spectators. So too has top WoW Guild Method, which is hosting an occasion where varied personalities and high-level players race to be the world’s first players to complete, basically everything.

Even individual streamers are racing to stage up, and the reason for that’s easy: They need to isolate themselves from the rest of the pack physically. Servers, especially ones that popular streamers have joined, are slammed proper now, with tangled body piles of players rolling Katamari-like across the landscape and converging on quest-givers and low-level enemies alike.