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Coca-Cola Plus Coffee Helping the Company to Boost Sales

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee Helping the Company to Boost Sales

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee, including its zero-sugar alternative, is becoming part of a growing diversification of beverages that have improved the company sales.

The infusion of Brazilian coffee beans in the signature soft drink is accessible in over 25 international markets after a successful trial run in 2017.

“Internationally, a scaled launch of the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is more than 20 markets with a diligent consumer focus, constant messaging, and an integrated execution plan has driven strong efficiency,” the Atlanta-based company stated. International success hasn’t led Coca-Cola to decide to bring the product to the US; however, based on a company spokeswoman.

The market for carbonated soft drinks decreased 1.6 % yearly from 2012 to 2017, according to the report, also brands have responded with a variety of different strategies.  As consumers drink less sugary sodas and search for healthier alternatives, beverage companies have had no selection; however, to regulate their product line-ups.

However, Coca-Cola topped Wall Street’s sales expectations in Friday’s third-quarter earnings report, bumping it’s stock 2 % greater on the back of a changing product growth strategy. Income grew 8 % for the Atlanta-based beverage giant.

Coke’s move towards smaller cans, decrease caloric consumption without sacrificing taste, and low-sugar offerings, similar to sparkling water beverages, have helped increase earnings based on the company.

Coca Cola Plus Coffee is the company’s other try at blending the two drinks under its flagship brand title. The ancestor, Coca Cola Blāk, launched internationally in 2006; however, it didn’t catch on and was discontinued two years later.

Global coffee consumption is rising at 5.5 % a year, according to market research agency. And after Starbucks, as well as Kraft-Heinz, which owns the Maxwell House brand, among others, Mordor ranked Coca-Cola because of the third-largest global player within the coffee market.

The Coke Plus, the Coffee product family, packs slightly extra caffeine than a regular can of Coke, however it still clocks in below what a regular cup of coffee contains. A typical 8-ounce cup of coffee has caffeine around 95 to 165 milligrams. And a standard 8-ounce serving of cola has 24 to 46 milligrams, based on the Mayo Clinic.