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USPS Looking to Drone Delivery Option

USPS Looking to Drone Delivery Option

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) needs feedback from drone operators that might provide drone capability to the company because it seems to advance its mail delivery.

On September 23, In a request for information filed, USPS, an independent agency throughout the federal government that takes no taxpayer money for operations mentioned, it isn’t planning on awarding a contract however is merely seeking market information because it considers future requirements.

The initiative could also be proof of the agency’s try to maintain pace with Google, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon all of that are advancing their drone capabilities and partnerships and proceed to compete heavily for USPS last-mile market share.

The agency’s drone operations, to be organized by the Federal Aviation Administration, will support various missions, including “Long Driveway Delivery,” which launches from the vehicle, makes delivery, and returns to the vehicle while the delivery truck remains on its route, based on the proposal. USPS is also acknowledging a “Ride-Sharing Model” where customers can access the agency’s drone fleet for business-to-customer delivery.

USPS stated it’s considering drones on delivery routes that are costly to operate and would, therefore, provide the most profit for drone deployment. It plans to operate drones a minimal of 8 continuous hours per day on hilly terrain, water, roads, and eventually on city streets. The first plan calls for drones making an average of 4 flights and deliveries per day of mail and packages as well as using as many as 3 per hour, based on the proposal.

Along with providing mail delivery services, the agency also desires to use UAS methods as a way to collect geospatial and sensor data to create “useful three-dimensional mapping for use in autonomous vehicle initiatives,” the agency said. USPS and self-driving truck startup TuSimple announced plans earlier this year to test USPS long-haul trailers between Phoenix, Arizona, and Dallas, Texas.