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Borderlands 3 Brought Halloween-Themed Update as New Features to Keep Players Busy

Borderlands 3 Brought Halloween-Themed Update as New Features to Keep Players Busy

The beginning of Bloody Harvest will be the first crucial big event for Borderlands 3. Following a month of hit-or-miss weekly events, this Halloween-themed update is an incredible reason to get back into the game, with many challenges to keep players busy and significant loot to scavenge.

Bloody Harvest opens for Borderlands 3 players once they’re able to access Sanctuary III, the spaceship that acts as a leading hub for most of the game. The latest NPC, the talking dinosaur Maurice, tasks the Vault Hunters with tracking down ghostly goop from enemies throughout the galaxy. Possessed bandits, as well as monsters, glow with a mysterious light, and as soon as they’re killed, the ghost commanding them pops out and needs to be defeated. After gathering up sufficient ectoplasm and returning to Maurice, a portal is opened to Heck, where the real meat of the event took place.

Heck is a superb, spooky new area in Borderlands 3. Though it’s not very big and appears to have been at least partially built utilizing assets that already exist elsewhere within the game, Heck has been nicely spruced up with a sheen of otherworldly malice that presents it feel unique. Pumpkins, spiderwebs, and blood all give to the event’s aesthetic, and these new trappings make for the excellent opportunity to play around with the new photo mode, which was additionally included to consoles on this update.

Borderlands 3 launched among its fair share of difficulties, like poor performance even throughout simple things like opening menus and banks that deleted players’ hard-earned loot. Deep down, although, it stays an entertaining experience for fans of the looter shooter formula. The last few mini-events had me worried since they provided little reason to spend extra time with the game after completion. However, Bloody Harvest, with its compelling atmosphere and content, is the right excuse I wanted to hop back in with my level-capped Gunner and smash some ghosts.